Touching story: Girl with Down Syndrome has become the image of a big cosmetics brand

Modern society has always had very strict standards about what beauty means. In fashion, everyone was of the opinion that being beautiful means being a tall and very skinny model.

These conceptions of beauty that have dominated the world for so many years have also had a negative effect on those who did not fit in.

Women who had dark skin, those who were a few extra pounds, or those who were smaller in height were always unhappy and sad about how they looked.

However, these times are over. A new revolution is happening in modern society right before our eyes.

One of the most famous fashion brands “Benefit Cosmetics” has decided to choose a young woman suffering from Down syndrome to be the company’s image.

And the young woman will not only be the image of the company, but she will also be the ambassador of the entire brand.

Kate Grant is a 20-year-old girl who has dreamed all her life to become the first model with Down syndrome in history.

It seems that this girl’s dream has come true.

This change in the mindset of those at Benefit Cosmetics has begun to make waves all over the world.

Not only was this campaign a real success, but more and more designers or fashion brands are beginning to follow their idea.

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